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Welcome to my first blog on my brand new site!!  How exciting.  I felt this blog was appropriate for all those about to be engaged for the new year as we go into the new year with a new look so can you!  I have many wonderful people that work with me and have great talents and Blair is one of them!  She is a wedding planner but also specializes in fitness and training.  This first blog comes from her:


As many brides accept a ring and plan for their perfect wedding day, one other thought should come to mind; “I need to plan to look perfect that day too!” What does this mean? Time to hit the gym, hire a trainer, and/or begin some sort of workout program to fit and feel fabulous on that wedding day. I know it seems crazy with all the other planning and details that go into the actual day, but just getting started, signing up and committing to something will help you to reach your goals.


Here is some advice as to how to get started and what to do next (And remember if you are not a member of a gym already no worries, there are plenty of other ideas from home workout DVD’s, to outdoor Bootcamps, or even signing up to complete a race or triathlon event). First of all when is your wedding? How much time do you have to get your body into the shape you want it to look like for the day? Most of us will have about a year to really focus and achieve our dream size and shape yet others have very limited time. The next question I would ask you is how important is this to you? If you can truly and honestly answer this question saying “me looking and feeling fit, happy, and beautiful is a top priority for my wedding day,” then somehow someway you are going to make it happen for yourself.  It is now important that you budget in how much you are willing to invest or spend to achieve the results you are looking for.


If you have a very small budget road races or cycling events are a great way to keep cost low (usually less than $100) and you committed. You could opt for an even cheaper route by committing to doing a certain number of biking miles or running/walking miles by the time of the wedding day. If you have a larger budget, your options may be to invest in a personal trainer, workout DVD’s or online programming, or join a gym. It is best to research or call around to your local gyms to compare pricing and see what is going to be the best for you based on cost, location, training and amenities. I would also recommend writing down your goals whether working with someone or on your own. It is a known fact that people who make clear, specific, and measurable goals usually achieve them so why not do this with your fitness or workout goals for your wedding.


Here are some of my favorite books, websites, and gyms in the Columbus area to help you get started.

-          Making the Cut – Jillian Michaels (book) & any of her DVDs

-          TRX –



-          The Athletic Club of Columbus:

-          Lifestyle Family Fitness:

-          Les Mills:




By Blair Visser, Personal Fitness Trainer


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