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Five Must Haves for Bridal Shows

For those that are newly engaged or just have not been to a bridal show yet, here are a few must-haves that I have found to be essential for a day at a bridal show. Not only will these tips make it easier on your body but will also help you get the most out of a bridal show.


1.  Address Labels: This will save you so much time! Almost every single vendor will have some kind of drawing for prizes or a sign up to receive discounts; whether it’s tickets to The Wedding Experience from, Free Champagne Toast if you book by this date, or discounts on honeymoon packages. They all give you a sheet to fill out and instead of having to fill out form after form by hand, you can just place your address label on it and then move to the next booth! This is also very helpful to vendors because it is sometimes very hard to decipher someone's handwriting. Suggestions for the label:

Bride's Name & Grooms Name

Bride's Address

Bride's Email Address


Wedding Date


 2. Comfy Shoes: This is important for not only brides, but also vendors. Standing and walking around all day tires out your legs and feet pretty fast, but you will tire them out even faster in your 5 inch heels. Put on a comfy pair of flats or your favorite tennis shoes, vendors will not judge you for being comfortable. I promise! You can always start toning those legs too for your big day!



3.Wedding Only Email Address: Do yourself a favor; if you have not set up a wedding email yet, stop reading and do it now! This is one of the first things brides should do when they get engaged, not only can it be used at bridal shows but it can also be used when making your wedding website or sending out invitations. You are going to sign up for a lot of free stuff, which means you are giving out your email to a lot of vendors who will want to email you within a few days after the show. Keep it all organized and out of your work/school email. Here are some ideas: or meegan& or you can even put your engagement date! :)


4. Water: Some vendors will give away bottles of water at their booths, but there is never a guarantee there. It gets extremely warm in some bridal shows because there are so many people so instead of paying an expensive concession stand, bring a bottle or two with you. Not to mention, you are going to be talking a lot, you will be very thankful!


5. List of Vendors: Check out the bridal shows website to see what vendors will be there, make a list of ones that you definitely want to talk to whether it is an essential vendor that you need or if they have a service that you might want to add into your wedding, like a candy buffet or a photobooth. This will make it easier for you so that you can visit them first and then look around at the rest of the booths to get inspiration (or free stuff). If you have a time restraint this will also help you plan, otherwise you may be distracted by all the gorgeous looking booths.


Good Luck! ~Meegan

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