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Attend Bridal Shows & Open Houses To Kick Start Your Planning

To kick start the wedding planning process, one of the best things to do is to attend bridal shows and open houses.  If you don't have your location yet, many of the local wedding venues host open houses where you can come see their spaces set up for a wedding, taste their food and visit some of their favorite vendors.  


Bridal shows are a fun and convenient way to find the right team of vendors. At a bridal show, you will get to meet all the vendors in one place, see samples of their work or taste their food, and have the chance to win wedding prizes that can save you hundreds of dollars!  Many vendors also offer discounts on their products or services at this time.  Another reason to go is to get ideas and inspiration- you can never get enough of that!


1) Hate crowds? Visit booths during the fashion shows.

2) Get the vendor list online ahead of time to plot your route and “must see” vendors.

3) Make label sheets (name, phone, address, wedding date) before you go. It will save you a ton of time when you’re entering all the raffles.

4) Save the heels for your wedding day! Wear comfortable shoes and light clothes.

5) Carry two bags. One for the “look at right away” items you’re handed and one for “look at later” pieces.


Check out our event calendar for a listing of local bridal shows and open houses.

For wedding guidance at any time, we invite you into our wedding resource center in downtown Dublin.  There are listings of 1,000 of local wedding professionals, books, magazines, inspiration drawers, invitations, favors, accessories, gown & flower preservation, and best of all - onsite wedding planners to help guide you for FREE!


Happy Planning,

Jamie M Rapavy

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